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As per our article On Basics of  SEO Optimization technology, We know that SEO is purely based on how search engine see your page as text. Search engine actually take all relevant data for your website fro Internal and external links placed on website.

Once a search spider finds your site, we must help it to find other pages easily and in a structured way. The most important tip fro basic SEO is to provide proper paths (SITE MAP AND LINK STRUCTURE) for spiders to follow from point A to point B in your website and way back to A. WE suggest you to use text based links for this purpose, avoid FLASH and Button based links as that again reduce our relevancy of page.
This is easily accomplished by providing easy to follow text links directed to the most important pages on the site in the navigation menu or simply at the bottom of each page. Adding a site map is also a best way to redirect the spider to relevant pages in a structured way. Placing a Basic links of website in the bottom of page or in the form of Menu is also recommended. Google also accepts more advanced, XML based site maps, which can be generated using any Free XML Site map generator websites.

In every website there are some pages that do not need to be included in the Database for calculating the relevancy of subject. For this you can use robots.txt file and it can be like:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /cgi-bin/

Disallow: /tmp/

Disallow: /~joe
Now this all about the basics of how Google or search engine actually take your website. Now let come to the contents of website that are most important to convey to the search engines about what we actually sell. Search engines are supposed to provide their users with lists of pages that relate to the keyword and Key Phrases people enter in their search box. Search engines need to determine which of billions of pages is relevant to a small number of specific words. In order to do this, the search engine needs to know your site relates to those words. So ultimately is relevancy of content to the KEYWORD and KEYTERM we wish to target. But that does not mean that you stuff the whole page with keywords. That may attract penalty from Google for KEYWORD STUFFING. This can be intelligently places with synonyms and similar text.

Google consider <META> tags fro to redirect the BOT to look for similar information on page. So you must have proper Meta tags which talk about the target keyword.

Titles can be written using the strongest keyword targets first and then include keywords using two or three basic two-keyword phrases. Don’t overload your title with keyword phrases. Keep it short. Concentrate on the strongest keywords that best describe the topic of the page content.

Next is description tag. The description Meta tag is also fairly important. Search engines tend to use it to gather information on the topic or theme of the page. A good desc tag helps you to have better relevancy to the page. For example If you sell Hand sanitizer then The desc can be “We are one stop shop for Hand Sanitizer and we also export all type of Hand Sanitizer world wide” This help Google to know that you offer service world wide. You can use two three sentences also with two three keywords.
Once Spider has relevant Info from Head it then filters the whole page for the same and try to find the relevancy. Good content is the most important aspect of search engine optimization. The easiest and most basic SEO rule is search engine spiders can be relied upon to read basic body text 100% of the time. You always can find a way to work basic body text into a site without compromising the design, look, feel and functionality.

Keep content simple. Try to create a separate page for each topic. Not to confusing the spiders. Creating new pages with unique topic and focused content is the most basic SEO techniques, making a site simpler for both live-users and electronic spiders. You main keyword in the TOP of page. Put that in terms of ALT, anchor also. Use similar terms in the rest of the page. Try to keep link names also as keywords. I m sure that any body can find a way to have few keyword based Links.

The success of optimization of your site is simplicity. We at SEO Company India help you to achieve all these at very fine tune level and that cover 70% success of your SEO planing. It is just like “If you start well, It ends well”

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