Dynamic Website SEO – Top suggestions and guidelines

To market the dynamic websites in India, top class search engine marketing strategies are required which are totally different from how the ordinary websites are optimized. You need to optimize the website carefully to get listed. Thus SEO Services in India are seeing rapid growth in the software market.

The techniques used for Dynamic websites are more complex, in fact they require specialized search engine optimization methods. With the advancement of technology it is yet still not so easy to index the dynamic websites in the major search engines unless it is optimized by a group of experts from a reputed firm.

SEO in India is an upcoming industry and all the Indian SEO firms are struggling together to prove their ability. SEO is mainly a combination of both art and science. Search Engine Optimization is mainly done to increase the visibility of the website and their services to the market.

Tips and Tricks to optimize your website

Here are few tips and tricks on how to dynamically optimize your website to get the maximum visibility.  Generally the dynamic websites pages are developed in ASP, Perl etc which are user friendly but do not work when it comes to SEO.

The reason being these dynamically generated pages will only be shown when a user selects variables and generates them.  A search engine does not have the ability to generate anything of its own thus minimizing the visibility of such pages.  The most common search engine ‘Google’ are unable to read the database URL which might be a string (?) or any other database characters (# &! *).

How Dynamic website can be indexed

Now the SEO experts are working on as to how to make the dynamic website visible for all the search engines. There are few ways through which the dynamic web pages can be indexed.

  • The first option is to choose the static pages. There are many different ways that converts dynamic URLs to search engine friendly URLs.
  • The other method is to use paid inclusion of feeds which will increase the visibility and it is guaranteed. The links of the dynamic pages can be listed in the static pages as the search engines can pull up the static websites easily. Since the crawlers can’t index the dynamic pages, at least it can display the static page where all the links of the dynamic pages are listed.
  • XQASP from Exception Digital Enterprise Solution is one of the most convenient and the best tool that converts dynamic pages to search engine friendly pages.  You just need to modify the TM tags before posting it on the web.

There are many SEO companies in India that offers premiere Search Engine Optimization services that helps in wider amount of visibility in the market. This automatically leads to higher revenue generation for the company making India one of the important IT hubs.

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