How to Get your Website in TOP Position!!!

Website in Top Position

Now a day everybody need website and of course it should be TOP in search engines. Well that’s a dream of every website owner. Once your website is in search engine for few keyword that are relevant to your business, you can see that many people are now visiting you and your business start rolling on fast track. But how you can get it done!!! i mean what is the magic behind doing SEO and getting the website in TOP position in search engines.

Many people and even SEO Firm also do SEO by books. By books i mean by Rules set by some known and unknown web masters, SEO experts, SEO guru’s and so on….

First fo all its not magic. It’s a intelligent work that you can do on your website. It does not really matter that what all SEO activity you do to get your website ranked but, what you actually need to get it ranked. It can be done. I’ve done it many times for almost all type of industries.

If your website is not a Global or sale products world wide then targeting on TOP level Global keyword is not a good idea. Choose the keyword carefully. Like If you provide cargo service in London Only, then target on local keyword Movers company London, rather just Office movers, Removal services which are very competitive and take very good time and efforts to get ranked.

Website in Top Position

You most of the time do not need all type of OFF page activity. So Please choose carefully that hat all off page activity you need. For local search MAP Optimisation s a good idea and its easy to do. Just MAP your site, business with Google MAP, put description that has basic local keyword in that, Company name. Add some reviews to MAP optimisation and contents.

As per my experience, you must have a SEO compatible website (NOT any Cheap CMS) because in entire SEO process ON PAGE OPTIMISATION has more then 70% role in ranking.

In ON page optimisation just be sure that you have placed the Middle level competitive keyword also in keyword tag. Not just TOP level single word keywords. Make sure that page content should be as per the keyword for that particulate page. For this you need not to be really worried. If a page talk about Golf Bags, then Put Keyword for Golf bags only. Do not add broad category like Golf accessories in keywords.

For checking right keywords you can use Google keyword tool. Its easy and also give idea about Competition on keyword. So you can start with low competitive keywords and then gradually take up more competitive keywords. Some time few keyword has good traffic but low competition, so you can use that keyword better.

Just adding Meta tags or keyword will not help alone.  You need to update the text or add some text. As many online shopping website just display Products Image and Description of the same. You must add some text to page related to products and keywords.

You must know that ALT tags, TITLE tags have great role in Keyword relevancy and so in ranking. Add some good anchor to the page.

There is no secret, but rather, it’s just knowing what to do. First thing that you need after ON PAGE is to get back links for your site. Mind it now reciprocal links are not relay good so few one  way good links will help more then 100′s of reciprocal links. Make sure that you link back to your website with right keyword that you wish to rank. One way link means that you do not give link back to your website b ut to some other website.

For linking you can also use article writing. And post these articles in many of  good article postings websites with anchor text link within the article linking back to your website.

Suppose you sell a certain brand name of dress shoes so anchor links as “ABC Dress”, you are actually customers / users who are looking for another brand or line of shoe.

There are many more way to do SEO and get site ranked but above are most important activity which must be done carefully. get more and more back-links and see the ranking rising if site ON page SEO is done properly.

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