How to Manage SEO Performances According to Google Guidelines?

Manage SEO Performances

The showcase of website promotion depends completely on the shoulders of Google. World’s largest search engine provider has constituted an algorithm and it keeps it amending from time to time. Panda and Penguins, two cute furry and cuddly animals have been chosen as the indicators of the algorithm. Following the trend of Google web policies, the laws have been amended tremendously in past couple of years. The reason behind the annual amendments in Google algorithm is “companies use these measures in impractical and unauthorized manner”. They provide wrong key performance indicators (KPIs) to clients to gain their business for a long time.

Kapil Garg
Google page 1 ranking doesn’t grant the taste of online revenues to business, there are various elements in SEO, needed to be practiced honestly, says Kapil Garg, Founder, and CEO, CNET Infosystem.

Promotion or advertisement activities are directly integrated with revenues. SEO is a set of methodologies and technique helping in attaining the best ranking of a website on SERPs, but his is not the only and ultimate aspect that is counted in increasing online revenues, says Kapil Garg. If you think Google ranking is the only SEO KPI, the turn your eyes on some great other factors that show their potential in addressing the ranking is not the main KPI for optimizing SEO performance at your organization-

Google Algorithm Change & Updates-

As per approx calculation, Google changes or updates its search algorithm about 500-600 times in a year. This is done with the vision to restrict black hat SEO practices by companies and organizations. Search marketers use unauthorized measures in bringing top rankings for their clients on Google SERPs, but the result doesn’t long last and also consider as illicit. As algorithm directly affects the ranking of a website, how businesses can control Goggle rankings. They can only measure the factors that drive organic traffic towards their site, says Kapil Garg.

Search Result Optimization-

Manage SEO Performances

When you enter a competition, you pick the strength and weaknesses of your contenders. Search result optimization offers you space to plan your strategies as per status of top search pages on Google. In its search result page, Google displays local listings at the highest for organic and potent keywords and serves websites with a higher ranking.

Content from Panda’s Eyes-

The furry and cuddly animal is the content optimizer of Google. The cheeky and fatty animal never likes its imitating images, i.e. it approves those contents only which are fresh and plagiarism free. It also mentions that contents should have proper grammatical language, no spelling errors, and apposite keyword stuffing. It restricts poor quality contents which may lead to blacklisting of the website.

Too Much Risk Cause Penalties-

Don’t put your business in danger by taking site’s rankings as passion and obsession. It may lead to Google penalty. In order to get the best ranking in minimum time forces companies to adopt risky strategies to satisfy the demands of their clients. Never go for die hard SEO strategies and never make fake promises to your client. It may hit your online and offline strategies.

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