How to monitor online reviews

Online Reputation Management

It is quite obvious that online reviews are one of the most important things in local businesses and can be an asset for a great business. Online reviews are playing well enough in the market. As per the reports and surveys, about 93% of people go through the reviews of a website before buying any product and service. People generally trust online reviews and they decide whether to trust the company or not. Another amazing and best thing about online reviews is that Google gives priority to those websites that have reviews. That means, if you are a local business and have reviews on your website then there are chances that Google will give you good rank on the search engine.

Having good online reviews is good but have you ever that what about those bad reviews? It is good to have reviews on your website and attaining a good rank on the search engine but it is obvious that the audience only trusts you because of the good reviews not for the bad ones. According to the survey of MOZ, 88% of the audience avoid trusting on a company because of their bad reviews. No business wants any kind of loss based on the reviews on the website. The market has become so broad that if it has a problem then solutions are on the other side, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are techniques through which you can monitor your online reviews. In this blog, we will discuss about how to monitor online reviews on your website that can help you to make great changes in your business.

Online Reputation in India

Just like other big and well-known brands, your local business can be a new and fresh subject of new news, consumer reviews, social media comments and blogs. You need to be very sure about the reviews and should know how to monitor them.

Monitoring what people are saying about your business assists businesses to track your online reputation, improve your service and products, respond to comments in the particular time period and improve customer experience on the basis of the online reviews on your website.

Here in this further blog, we will discuss the tools and methods through which you can monitor your online reviews. The things we are about to discuss also includes several services customized for multi and single location businesses along with the tools with particular industry sectors, such as automotive, travel and medical.

  1. Social mention

Social mention is as similar to google alerts. In advance and based on return search queries, it shows information about terms given following:

  1. Reach- the portion of your impact.
  2. Brand Strength- the possibility that your organisation is a topic being discussed by the people on social media platforms.
  3. Passion- the possibility that people talks about your organisation will do on a constant basis.
  4. Sentiment- the ratio of negative to positive remarks.

These terms are also including a list of some of the top keywords, sources, hashtags and users, for example, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Price is totally free.

  1. Google Alerts

Google alerts mostly search for articles, news stories, and blog posts in the search engine database based on the requested queries. Just Enter the name of your company or keywords related to your products, receive email alerts, and business along with the results. The price is totally free.

  1. Review Trackers

For multi and single location businesses, this tool monitors several major review sites. Review tracker has some features that include Customer feedback landing pages, Hoot suite integration, email notification and daily scanning of new reviews. The price starts from at $29 per month for per location businesses.

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