How your online reputation can be highly impacted by the search engines ?

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A good reputation holds the key for the overall success and growth of any given business. In the current times when everything from food to daily needs services can be ordered online, people always go by a firm’s reputation before making their purchase decisions in the same line. Well, this is where most of the firms need to think about the reputation of their businesses amongst their customers, along with the quality of products and services. So, while you, as a business or brand, are conscious about your brand’s reputation, you must also make all the efforts to bring it on the top of search engines like Google and bing, whilst enhancing its visibility amongst the targeted audiences.

That’s where SEO would come into play while pushing the ranking of your given business website and bringing the most required traffic towards the same. The same ranking would also play a key role in improving the online reputation of the same business. Still, there are lot of people who doesn’t have a clue about the relevance of online reputation, search engine optimisation and ORM. They still believe that these are the same methodologies even while it is not. Even though the three concepts are quite different to each other, they can still play a key role in the growth and development of any given business whilst being used in collaboration.

If you look down to one of the recent surveys in the same regards, it has been quoted that a website which is been ranked higher on Google generated about 40% of the total clicks on the list of websites in the same line. Moreover, the listings on the first page of Google generate more than 90% of the total clicks in the same domain. Well, this is something which is quite a requisite for the sustainability of a Digital economy. Still, while your website is ranking higher on the search engines like Google, the same would also include all the negative links and posts in the same regards. This is where an effective online reputation management strategy can really help.

On the other side, Google continually brings up certain updates in their algorithms and that is something which majorly impact the rankings of the same websites and businesses.’ Panda’ and ‘Penguin” can be quoted as some of the recent updates in the same regards, and that said, every business must stay up to date with their online reputation management and SEO strategy.

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Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation management (ORM) comes as one of the most dynamic activities when it comes to enhance the overall reputation of a business firm. Once you get along with the same activity, you can majorly control the situations, factors and subjects which are negatively impacting your business reputation.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to improve the online rankings of your given business website. Once you go by the SEO concept, you generally have to emphasize on:

  1. Content
  2. Keyword density
  3. Meta Tags

With the help of right content, keyword density and Meta tags, any given business can scale the heights of success within a stipulated time.

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Google Wants Quality Content

 Google is highly sensitive about the quality of the content and Google’s Panda update was mainly focused on providing unique and good quality content to all the users. The Update was rolled out in February 2011 at USA, with a detailed execution process to be followed in the coming months. So, while webmasters around were still getting a better understanding of the Panda update, Google then rolled out another update named  “Penguin’ and the same impacted more than 3.1% of total search queries. This same update was mainly targeting:

  • All the Duplicate content
  • Link schemes
  • Blog forums
  • Anchor text linking

So, being a business or brand with online visibility one must take care of all the above mentioned aspects in order to enhance their overall growth and development.

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