How to monitor online reviews

Online Reputation Management

It is quite obvious that online reviews are one of the most important things in local businesses and can be an asset for a great business. Online reviews are playing well enough in the market. As per the reports and surveys, about 93% of people go through the reviews of a website before buying any product and service. People generally trust online reviews and they decide whether to trust the company or not. Another amazing and best thing about online reviews is that Google gives priority to those websites that have reviews. That means, if you are a local business and have reviews on your website then there are chances that Google will give you good rank on the search engine.

Having good online reviews is good but have you ever that what about those bad reviews? It is good to have reviews on your website and attaining a good rank on the search engine but it is obvious that the audience only trusts you because of the good reviews not for the bad ones. According to the survey of MOZ, 88% of the audience avoid trusting on a company because of their bad reviews. No business wants any kind of loss based on the reviews on the website. The market has become so broad that if it has a problem then solutions are on the other side, you don’t have to worry about anything. There are techniques through which you can monitor your online reviews. In this blog, we will discuss about how to monitor online reviews on your website that can help you to make great changes in your business.

Online Reputation in India

Just like other big and well-known brands, your local business can be a new and fresh subject of new news, consumer reviews, social media comments and blogs. You need to be very sure about the reviews and should know how to monitor them.

Monitoring what people are saying about your business assists businesses to track your online reputation, improve your service and products, respond to comments in the particular time period and improve customer experience on the basis of the online reviews on your website.

Here in this further blog, we will discuss the tools and methods through which you can monitor your online reviews. The things we are about to discuss also includes several services customized for multi and single location businesses along with the tools with particular industry sectors, such as automotive, travel and medical.

  1. Social mention

Social mention is as similar to google alerts. In advance and based on return search queries, it shows information about terms given following:

  1. Reach- the portion of your impact.
  2. Brand Strength- the possibility that your organisation is a topic being discussed by the people on social media platforms.
  3. Passion- the possibility that people talks about your organisation will do on a constant basis.
  4. Sentiment- the ratio of negative to positive remarks.

These terms are also including a list of some of the top keywords, sources, hashtags and users, for example, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Price is totally free.

  1. Google Alerts

Google alerts mostly search for articles, news stories, and blog posts in the search engine database based on the requested queries. Just Enter the name of your company or keywords related to your products, receive email alerts, and business along with the results. The price is totally free.

  1. Review Trackers

For multi and single location businesses, this tool monitors several major review sites. Review tracker has some features that include Customer feedback landing pages, Hoot suite integration, email notification and daily scanning of new reviews. The price starts from at $29 per month for per location businesses.

The Complete Guide to Improve Your Online Reputation

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is one of the practices of engaging with the community of people who use a search engine to find you, rate & review your company, comment on your social media pages as well as interact with your company online.

A strong Online Reputation Program helps to make sure that online business listings are accurate so that people can find you easily, while it also enables you to harness the power of the conversations happening about you online in order to strengthen your brand promise.

Your online reputation is considered as the reflection of your overall brand as well as business health and also a leading indicator of future growth. ORM often assist you to enhance your online visibility, increase customer conversion & retention as well as attract new customers. With the help of online reputation management, you will not only improve the quality but also efficiency of operations resulting in driving revenue as well as better business outcomes.

Here are some ways that can help you to improve your online reputation

Online Reputation Management

Ask Your Customers to Write Reviews

There might be chances that you have some negative reviews online right now which must be hurting your reputation. Don’t worry this is bound to happen because it is an unpreventable part of being in business because not everyone is going to have the best experience with your company.

Remember that negative reviews are going to stand out more, if you don’t have lots of reviews online. But don’t get sad think about your customers who are happy with your business. You need them to review your brand.

 Expand Your Presence

Search that where can people find out more information about your business? Don’t try to rely on just one platform for reviews as well as ratings. Customers always have different preferences for researching brands. It is great that your business has Face book page. But only one platform is not enough. Take a look at which review sites your consumers trust the most like Google, Trip ad visor, yellow pages as well as Yelp.

Remove Ads from Your Website

There are chances that you may not realize it, but your website must be hurting your credibility. There can be some design choices as well as elements that must be turning people away and making them think that your business is dishonest. You need to correct also these things as soon as possible.

Recognize the top elements that add credibility to your website as well as compare them to those on your own site. The first thing which you need to do is get rid of all the ads that you are currently running for other businesses.

 Publicly Respond to Customer Complaints

It can be a tricky situation when users write unfavorable reviews about your business online. This is obvious that you will defend yourself but remember at the same time you don’t have to start the argument with anyone. Though, ignoring complaints is not the best option because people always want to see how you are handling the negative situation.

Therefore, following also this guide can help you to improve your online reputation.

7 Reasons Why SEO Matters for Every Startup

SEOIt is particularly notable that, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is significant for organising a start-up whose goal is to be successful, from its beginning. In any case, various business starters are not careful enough about this highly compensated methodology for business that comes requiring less to no effort also. Web optimization is an integral asset for any sort of start-up who likely wants to keep insede its spending limit. Hence, there are some accompanying 7 reasons why SEO matters for every start-up.

  1. Data telling about the Costumer behavior would be provided

Essential information can be retrieved by using just SEO, and it can also tell you what active customer need and also the terms they use to search results. Likewise, SEO helps to gather information all the time. Some tools provided by SEO could also help you rank your website higher on the Google searches also.

  1. Active traffic and changeovers

While starting up your digital business you need to learn that the more the traffic the more revenue you will earn. The SEO should be build to activate more traffic and should stay updated with practices of Google. it is hence proved that the traffic that comes from Google is 400% more effective than any other ways.


  1. Using SEO is Free

The best reason to use SEO services is that it is free of cost like Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. By using Google Analytics, this procedure is made easy and the website owner can now be aware of what the users are doing on his website or platform.

  1. Make knowledgeable decisions

After studying the behaviours of the customers visiting your site using SEO, now it is easy for you to take critical steps that would help you to take you start up at the next level. You will now be able to transform according to your customer’s need.

  1. It will help you build Goodwill

SEO helps to develop indirect relationship between the owner of the website and its clients. SEO helps you to trick with the human psychology as it helps you to rank on the top and customers would go for the topmost results first.

  1. It helps to build audience for long run

Practising SEO in your website would make you capable to develop a targeted audience in much less time. Google would rank popular and quality content. The algorithms of Google changes frequently and thus to stay up to date is very essential for your new company as well.

  1. Generate faster results for the newcomers

SEO will not only bring your targeted audience to you but will also help to build awareness of your brand. And this is the cheapest way possible to build brand awareness as well as the customer’s trust. Hence, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) would offer you the best results in this industry by giving easier availability to information or data related to your website about its audience and feedback.

SEO or PPC how to choose?

SEO Most important and asked questions by the people who are willing to invest in digital marketing.

Pretty much important question, to be answered before investing in ,online marketing. Though every marketer has an idea which is best for their investment, but which is best is most important. By doing research, one cannot figure out the best method for investment.

Before you make the final decision, let’s look out the best possible ways to choose between them.

SEO – look at the basics 

Search engine optimization is the best core set of tactics that can be helpful for the best rankings.

Some of these important tactics are:

Keywords research, all those trending keywords, can help for the better search ranking.

Updating the on-page content and structure of the website.

Adding more valuable and Google-friendly content.

The building of the authoritative links

Working on SEO is a more important aspect, although it will take time to reach the top result that favors the top rank.


Pay per click

When anyone heard about the ads, ads on the top of the Google page come in the mind of everyone. But these are the classic pay ads. But in spite of other PPC choices, there are other options one must know about it. For instance, there are other ads like display ads, of local service ads. Display ads can offer great visibility over the network of websites. You can use these imaginary and more appealing ads.

If you are running PPC you will see the quick responses, as soon as you start the funding. Even if you want more leads, just spend more time to get leads or clicks from the audience.

Here is the guide on how you can choose between both 

Even this decision is simple, you can do this but to make your decision beneficial you need to move with the refined steps.

  • Make a list of the items that you want to achieve from the market.
  • Narrow down your list to the most important items of your list
  • Categorize the list items, with the priority. If you feel they can be used to create more brand awareness, leads to increased sales.
  • Image result for Compare the benefits of SEO and PPC

Value your time frame – 

This is simple, just picks your primary goals and decides the time frame. If you are expecting the result with the minimum time, you can make this happen by acquiring the time frame.

Compare the benefits of SEO and PPC.

The main factor that makes the difference between SEO and PPC is the minimum time taken to show the results. SEO is a time taking process, on the other hand, PPC is a quick process, and you will get results in a minimum period. But when you work effectively over the SEO your website will be benefited from the long term effects, rather in the PPC, your results will be stopped once you stop investing in it.

So here is the point, both work for your website, but you need to pick the strategy according to your goal. You can take help from the experts, and use both weapons effectively.


Google SEO Best Practices – How to keep Google happy


Everyone realizes that your web page ought to get a lot of visits from Google so as to improve the deals. You should keep up with Google SEO best practices to help your business to succeed. Here are a few hints and deceives that you can use to satisfy Google:

  1. Unique and extraordinary substance

 Google loves when the content is unique and is one of a kind. In the event that you need to grab the eyeballs of the guests from Google, it is significant for your web page to have unique material. Superb content improves the Google rankings and attracts the clients.

Consequently, you ought to distribute unique and interesting substance on your web page. It is a smart thought to hire a professional content creator who stays up-to-date with the most recent industry patterns and provide literary theft free content.

2. Connecting with Customers

 Distributing unique and one of a kind content is the initial step to intrigue Google, yet that is insufficient. Your blogs need to stand apart from the group. It ought to offer interactive and engaging. In the event that you are a beginner, you can utilize internet based life stage like Google +, Tweets, and so on.

3. Great titles and depictions

 Website design and development is tied in with having great page titles and depictions. Ensure that you have different titles and depictions for every single page of your web page. There is no compelling reason to stuff the titles and portrayals with keywords. On the off chance that you target users in local, you should utilize titles and depictions for local SEO.


4. Concentrate on-page SEO

 You ought to advance your site for web searchers. On-page SEO is significant for making your site rank higher in Google and other searchers. Right on-page SEO can guarantee that the establishment of your site is fit in the best shape.

5. Try not to break code of conducts by Google

 You should know about the rules with the goal that you don’t damage Google website admin rules. On the off chance that you broke the rules, you would not have the option to get more traffic and quicker outcomes. In the event that you need to get great rankings, you should remain up-to-date with the most recent Google website admin rules.

6. Keep your web page new

 We as a whole, realize that Google cherishes content that is crisp and web pages that are different and modern. You should continue adding crisp substance to your site to make it stand apart from the group. It is significant for you to include top-notch content to your site every now and then.

7. Advance the web page via Social media Marketing

Nobody can deny the way that online life is the best stages to make your web page rank higher. You should utilize the intensity of web-based life systems and strategies to contact a bigger group of spectators.