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Well, before you sign up with a search engine optimization company, work out what the X number of guaranteed top rankings really means.

How we do it then? What so different?
  • We use only real traffic based keyword suggested by Google.
  • We do not offer GUARANTEE at same cost for all keyword for all sites.
  • We carefully choose keyword and check competition for every keyword on the 10 point scale basis before and this is own in house knowledge based system.

  • We normally offer at least 30% to 40 of the total keywords will land in TOP 5/10 in Google.
  • And at least 60% the total keywords will land on the top 20 in Google.
  • We always work for TOP positions and will always strive for 100% of keywords to hit the 1st page of Google.
  • The guarantee is just to assure you results NO matter what or you will get your money back. Our 40% mark is typically hit as early as 3 months into the campaign. .

  • NO ASSURANCE!!! NO GUARANTEE!!! Then who need a SEO partner. We offer assurance so that to safe guard our clients.

    If we do not meet our guarantee, CNET will continue working for up to three months free of charge to meet the promised Rankings. If at this point in time the promised rankings are not met, all proportional money paid towards the keywords that did not meet their promised rankings will be refunded. No Question asked.

    Contact us now for a honest upfront conversation on how to get the best SEO for your site and grow your business today.

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    We are WEB Development company India that help you to create web presence with best of SEO compatible coding.

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