BASICS of SEO Optimization technology

Some time I wonder why many SEO Companies or experts just do not work with common sense.  What I can consider is that the basic SEO is all about using common sense while doing optimization. Basic idea of search engine optimization is to create a website which is search engine friendly as possible. And believe me it’s not really very difficult to do if you are targeting some simple terms, or less competitive keywords, or local keyword with niche. Just like any other work in life when we build a house what we see to make it better and cconferrable

It should have good Rooms, Bathrooms, Ventilation, Structure, Electrification, and space of all family members, storage etc. SEO do not require specialized knowledge of algorithms, programming etc you just need the basics to know “how search engines work”. We must know that before we actually just concentrate on High-fi design, we must also consider the fact that Google read website as text. So text content is the first thing that we need to work on. Even Meta tags are TEXT.

Now how to start we need to short list few things that work best with Search engines.

  • Website target segment and why it is created for? We must check on few website and where they stand in search engines. If you carefully look at TOP 10 site you will fine that many of them have very good text, contents, well written Tags and size of page is just perfect.
  • Which Technology we must use to develop the same. HTML work best with Search engine. But even if the site is dynamic in nature we must know that Google still read it as text.
  • We must know what is our buyer actually type to search the product and service we provide. Are these keywords are already taken by some websites in TOP 10? And what kind of work on this website is done to get ranked.
  • How spiders work and how search engines figure out what pages relate to which keywords and phrases.

Now lets not get in to technical aspect of how it actually internally work, the basic is search engine read a page as text and when spider come on websites it collect the information much talk about on that particular page and relevancy. It copies the content to Database called BOT. It does this for next sub pages linked to main page of website.

Now important thing is How to place the text on website? As it reads page Line by line so if you place the text in Columns then it will read first column and then second and so on. You can see this in HTML of your page code. Here one very important TIP. If you can remove the space in between these paragraphs, it will be great help to search engine to understand it better.

Search engine spider will also record all links in between and take information of other related pages also.

As spiders follow links and record everything in their paths, one can safely assume that if a link to a site exists, a spider will find that site. By this you can see if a site has a external link even it will at least visit the same and index. So this also helps you to register your website in search engine. By placing a link on already indexed site help you in indexing of your website.

How we actually recall our good friend when we need them for specific reason? Our mind store all necessary info in mind database which help us to recall that Mr. John is a painter and he actually do not paint Rooms, but do OIL painting. So similarly we just need to put relevant information is a best way then the competitors.

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