Effective Ways to Build Back links!


The biggest problem for website is finding new and effective ways to get back links to rank your website in TOP 10. Many SEO companies use many techniques to create links as Building quality back links is an important step in SEO to get your website promoted and to have relevant traffic. But Link Building is time consuming and you can say a very boring job. It is also important that while creating these links you must put your efforts in QUALITY linking. For instance, if you try searching a website by any keyword you will see there are some websites come on Google or another search engine which has very less back links but still in TOP 10. Reason may be that it has quality and relevant links.

A back link is a link from another website to yours. Link exchange is now no more effective so you need to do three ways linking for link exchange. Many people Buy links but that is again very costly and not permanent.

Why does your website need back links?

There are many reasons to build back links for your website. In fact just because of building few back links but qualitative links, your website can come in Top 10 and apart from this there are many benefits to build links such as-

  • It can increase traffic to your website.
  • Google Page rank work on type of back links.
  • Is also helps to improve your ranking on search engine results pages.

There are little but most effective way to do Linking.

  1. Link Exchanges: 
    Create a Blog with similar theme what your website is related to. As reciprocal linking is not really effective, you can offer the link exchange with your blog, with your actual website link on other website. Look for blogs, websites that cover the same topics as your own, and have been up and running for about the same amount of time.
  2. Directory Submission:
    Submitting your website to directories should be one of the first things you do. Make sure you choose right category to post the links. Some directory needs Confirmation from email. So make sure you confirm the placement of links. There may not be any significant traffic from directories, but the purpose is to get back links to help increase your PageRank. Do not link with directory that requires reciprocal links.
  3. Directory types:
    Blog Directories
    General Directories
    Free SEO Friendly Directories
    High PageRank/Non-Reciprocal Directories

Note: Make sure you only submit to directories with high PageRank. Start with specific TOP level Directory then to move to general type.

Social Media and Bookmarking Sites:

Apart from creating the back links these sites help in referral traffic also. Social sites like digg, reddit, and del.icio.us are good for back linking. Important is that you also link common front page of these sites for post. For that make sure you are submitting quality content that fits with the interests of the sites users. Do not submit all post you write as this may be treated as spam and you can be banned. Your headline should be eye-catching. Put efforts to write good description as this helps in better referral and Homepage placement.

Content based link:

You can have content based links by leaving comments on other people’s blogs. It is important to leave thoughtful and interesting comments to draw people to your site, Not just any text. As I said, it is important that you have few good quality links rather having many poor back links. So use proper reply and write relevant to topic matching with your website important keywords.

If you make the top commentators list on a blog you get a link back to your site on the sidebar. It’s not a permanent link however but making the list does have some advantages.

  • The exposure will bring people to your site.
  • The links are included in your Technocratic ranking.
  • Some blogs will link to your site in a post if you are one of the top commentators.

Content Posting:

Create Quality Content for all above activities. Keep posting only to relevant category and with fruitfully information. Nothing will get you more back links than quality content. You can post them on various Article websites with link back to your website.

Above tips surely will help you in your website ranking. Fast and Permanent.