Few Most effective way to have quality links

Most of SEO Company knows the power of article marketing and you must use this method on long term basis as a part of your overall link building strategy. To save time many people opt for some Article Marketing software. But there are many untapped back linking strategies that are not actually possible with them and marketers don’t use them effectively.

So it is always good that along with Software submission, you can use Manual submission of article to some TOP article website. This will help you in creating Quality links then the software based back links.

There are few more ways to have quality back links.

Govt and Edu website links.

Why search engine give quality priority to Gov and edu links? Coz these are not available for everybody and you can not buy them also. Many people do not know the power of these links. They are not that easy to get because there are so few compared to the amount of other websites. There is no way you can buy one and because of that, there are not many websites. Due to tease facts, search engines have big trust with these types of websites. Few back links from those sites will help you more then any other Back linking work

Here’s how to search for them:

For .gov links, you have to do search like:

For blogs

site:.gov “add comment” OR “post comment”


site:.gov “powered by vbulletin”

Now you have the list of website. For some, you can simply add a comment without approval and some need email ID for approval. In some websites you need to have a profile before posting any comments. Just make sure that you post relevant and real content as per topic.

Press Release Back links:

Unlike with Article website, press release is most effective way to have good back links. Why are press releases powerful? As these site further syndicate links with other. Many SEO company do not realize the importance of these websites. As they create many automatic back links to you website with their own network of websites. You may get 100′s of extra links by just posting ONE PR.

Find websites in Google by typing with quotes “free press release site”. There will be 1000 of results and these are the websites that you can target. Do not target PAID postings. You can submit the same press release to 100′s of free press release sites and watch your article go viral. With the time, you will have hundreds of back links, if not thousands of additional links pointing back to your site. An article distributed to hundreds of places. You must write proper text in Resource box and summery section.

Isn’t it great? With less of efforts you get so many links. Do not worry about duplications. This is what you want, Back links, because you have no control on whose website your press release will end up on. Some high quality document sharing sites might even pick up certain press releases, giving you even more quality back links.